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Decking Project

This large scale deck was designed to create a garden space, which seamlessly flowed from the stunning new extention. The intergrated 3 tiered planter follows the contors and fall of the decking, and acts to break up the imact of the timber. Inset lighting defines the edges of the deck and steps down to the lower level, whilst also uplighting the planting. The clean lines and modern design reflect the building and has created a great space for entertaining during the day and well into the evening.

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Small New Build Garden

An arkward shaped site which provided a blank canvas to create a impressive, modern and elegant garden. The two tier deck provides a space for outdoor dining on the larger bottom deck, the smaller upper tier deck a place to enjoy the sun in this mainly shady garden. The raised borders contain a simple and repetative planting scheme, focusing on bold foliage with splashes of colour. Gabions infilled with cobbles provide structure and height to the garden with lighting highlighting these features, as well as uplighting the planting. The lights were so impressive in garden I have included a few pictures I took at night.

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Large Town House Garden:

This large sloping garden had received little attention over past years, lacking any real features or character, which did not reflect the beautiful property the owners have created. The design created a large patio/dining area flowing from the property, using reclaimed railway sleepers to create flat, split level terraces. Modern planting schemes soften the bold lines of the sleepers creating a relaxing, stylish and functional space for the family to enjoy all year round.

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Small Courtyard Garden

Initially this garden felt narrow and was a dull, unusable space. The decking and raised planting borders have broken up the garden making it feel wider and have provided a stylish space to entertain during the day and into the evening with the addition of inset lighting. The decorative stone pathway leads the viewer through the garden taking in the new planting areas and focal water pump, creating an attractive low maintenance garden. Click on the photo for more before and after pictures.

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Cottage Garden

A stunning cottage situated in a large plot needed a space to sit out and enjoy the garden and countryside views. The rear garden was plain and unexciting, mainly grassed and overgrown with only several random shrubs providing any interest. We designed a simple deck to provide a space for a table and chairs, with inset lighting so the garden can still be enjoyed at night. Sandstone paving links the shingle pathway to the rest of the garden. A reclaimed, cast iron urn provides constant running waterto the rill running through the garden, before falling into the raised pond on the lower level. Now spring is finally here the plantning is now beginning to appear and provide much needed colour to the garden.

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Pond/Wildlife Garden

The pond, surrounding planting and wildlife areas are designed to attract a wide range of animals and insects to the area. The pond has several different levels which support marginal and deeper water aquatic plants, as well as a cobbled beach which provides a shallow lead in to the pond. A post and 3 rail fence with low netting surrounds the pond making it safe for children, but allows open views and the raised grass bank to the rear creates an elevated viewing platform. Two large areas either side have been sowed with wildflower seed, and additional planting around the pond will help encourage wildlife to the garden.

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Junior School Vegetable/Sensory Garden:

This design was designed to encourage children outside and into the garden by creating a colourful, vibrant, and interesting space. The main aim of this project was to develop pupil’s interest in plants and nature, whilst also teaching children about how our food is produced, by giving hands on experience and responsibility for growing and tending to different vegetables. The sensory garden is split into four sections, each with planting focusing on smell, sight, touch or sound. Click on the picture to view photos of the garden before and after.

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Sensory Garden

This childrens nursery garden has a very picturesque setting, bordering part of the old city wall and surrounded by trees. We installed several music stations throughout the garden, drums, pipes and chimes are designed to be hit/struck/beaten in a variety of different ways in order to create a wide range of interesting sounds. The rest of the garden was transformed by creating a sensory pathway, installing raised vegetable and fruit borders and developing a small wildlife area. A variety of exciting planting was used throughout the garden and several large and small seating areas are spread around the garden. Click for more pictures.

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Planting Plan

This front garden is typical of those found on new or recently built properties, mainly laid to grass with small, utilitarian shrubs around the boundary. The client wanted to introduce a planting border which would provide colour, all year round interest, and enhance the appearence of the property. Varieties of flowering shrubs which have low, mounding forms were chosen to limit constant pruning, mixed with grasses and perennials which flower throughout the season.

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Additional Parking

The brief for this project is to create space for additional parking, which is surrounded and screened as much as possible by planting. The concrete pathway to the front door will be replaced with a more attractive paving with timber edges and planting added.

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Hard Landscaping Projects:

These are a few examples of decking/paving and other hard landscaping projects, with before and after pictures.